Drone regulations

Current regulations concerning the use of drones are constantly evolving, and took a major step forward in January 2024, moving from a national to a European scale.
They are inspired by manned aviation regulations, and are designed to bring a higher level of safety to the use of drones, which are an integral part of airspace.

All our solutions and
have anticipated this regulatory gap.

The latest regulations applicable in Europe :

We are authorized to issue flight training certificates in accordance with STS 01 and STS 02 scenarios (specific category), and deliver training courses that are now mandatory for certain missions, such as :

UAVSUITE, a regulatory-compliant tool.

The UAVSUITE tool is the only one on the market to meet 100% of the regulatory requirements coming into force, by recording, tracking and tracing all operations concerning remote pilots, equipment and missions.
UAVs and their equipment, whose tracking is mandatory, are managed in the application in a simple and intuitive way.

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